Angels Among us

Top Made by Maxine

Adventure Road Trip

Top Made by Maureen

Butterflies and Feathers

Top Made by Casey.

custom work

Top Made By Holly



Christmas Ornaments Pantograph

Top Made By Sue

Wagons West

East Meets West

Won first Place in Rosewell.
Lorrie Mitter's Quilt

Custom quilting

Sunflowers and petals

"Rock Canyon"

Swirls, Pebbles, And Feathers
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"Black Hills"

Wall Hanging

Southwestern Buffalo

custom quilting
Linda's buffalo

Wedding Dress Quilt

Custom Quilting
Wedding dress quilt


Black, Grey and White 

Rainbow T- Shirt Quilt

Piano Key Quilt

Baby Mermaid Quilt

Southwest Desert

Custom Quilting

"Sunshine On My Shoulders"

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"Memories Of Grandma"

Made from Shirts and Nightgowns
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Gallery of Designs

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